Summer 2018 Menu

Our seasonal menu changes often, so be on the look out for updates!

dark chocolate brownies, min. 6 per order      $5

w/ toasted walnuts   $5.75

pop tarts   $5

-minimum order of 6 per flavor-

banana nutella with vanilla bean icing

sweet red bean with cinnamon icing

strawberry basil with lemon icing

buns     $7

-minimum order of 6 per flavor-

everything brioche with cream cheese filling

cold brew brioche with chocolate-espresso filling and cold brew icing

lemon brioche with cherry almond filling and lemon icing


mini, min. order of 12 per flavor    $2      large   $4

sea salt chocolate chunk

peanut butter milk chocolate

classic vanilla bean or chocolate sablé

toasted oat sandwich cookie with cinnamon filling

decorated sugar cookies (prices vary, inquire for custom orders)


min. order of 12 per flavor        $15 for one dozen

Lipton tea shortbread with lemon icing 

espresso shortbread dipped in dark chocolate

matcha shortbread with white chocolate icing


mini 4″ pie, min. order of 6 per flavor     $6        large 9″ pie      $35

salted caramel apple

peach blueberry lattice

lemon meringue


mini 4″ tart, min. order of 6 per flavor    $8         large 9″ tart   $38

-all tarts use a sweet tart dough base-

honey ricotta with fresh lemon zest & pistachios

mixed berry with vanilla bean pastry cream

strawberry curd with hazelnut brittle and candied orange slices

rustic galettes

-all galettes use flaky pie dough base-

6″    $6           10″   $28

mixed berry

apple and brie with toasted walnuts and honey drizzle

heirloom tomato, roasted garlic, goat cheese, caramelized onion


mini loaf, min. 3 per flavor    $5      standard loaf    $12

dark chocolate with Chinese five spice glaze

banana chocolate chip

Asian pull-apart sweet milk bread ($7)

cupcakes, min. order 6 per flavor    $3           

cakes      6″    $50            8″   $60         10″  $70         

-cakes start at prices above. add-ons, such as fruit and decoration, will alter prices. email us to inquire about flavors and custom cake orders!-

-we also have gluten-free and vegan options! shoot us an email to inquire-

-we require a 48 hour notice on all orders-

$10 delivery fee